Maximise the joy of daily dining


Day’s aims to maximise the joy of daily dining for customers with all sorts of appetite preferences. The creation of delicious food in nowadays is more than appeasing hunger, which indeed becomes an art which involves appearance, taste, and nutrition components of every and each dish served. With authentic cuisines of varied countries from professional chefs and nutritionists, equipped with a modern, vibrant, and pleasing dining environment, Day’s makes himself an ideal place for all sorts of gastronomes and those who wish to have a truly quality meal time.

Day’s restaurant delivers top-notch customer experience by serving a wide range of finest cuisines and first-class services. A gastronomic journey through a variety of cultures is at your fingertips from the moment you walk through our doors. Pushing the excitement limit of senses further by detail-oriented creation for every single dish, a unique dine experience is guaranteed, at Day’s.